Brick Products

Brick is Universal

The neat, clean and warm appearance of brick always makes it the favorite choice when comparing the variety of siding possibilities.  Brick reflects a standard of quality, strength, and durability. The many textures, colors and special shapes of brick lend it to a variety of design possibilities. Always in fashion, brick grows more beautiful with age.

Now proudly representing Spectis Moulders, Inc., custom polyurethane building products for the discerning builder and homeowner.

Brick Is Affordable

In spite of preconceived notions, building with brick is very affordable. Generally speaking, the cost of a brick structure should not be more than 2 or 3% more than the cost of a comparable building with other siding. Ask your sales representative for recent figures comparing brick to a variety of other materials. You’ll be astounded how well brick can fit into your budget!

Brick Saves Money Long Term

The durability and lasting beauty of brick eliminates the need to have expensive painting, staining, and/or repair work every four to five years. You can save thousands of dollars over the life of your home! The fact that brick won’t bum, rust, corrode, buckle, warp, bend or dent, makes it just about the only product that truly performs up to its expectations and grows more beautiful with age.

Invest in Building with Brick

A brick home or building is always worth more money. On average, a brick home will appraise at least 6% higher in value when compared to a similar home with other siding. Any Realtor will tell you that it has a quicker resale potential also. Since brick does not burn, you could possibly pay 32% less for fire insurance premiums.

Energy Efficient

A brick veneer structure can improve the thermal efficiency and reduce energy requirements of existing walls by as much as 30%. This means greater comfort, too… you’ll be warmer in winter and cooler in summer.